Automoment 2019 – Direction

It may be March now but it seems to be a good time to pen down the direction envisaged for Automoment in 2019 and beyond. 

Automoment has been around for approximately five years, since 2014. Initially founded to walk the path of car-industry content creator, Automoment has since evolved into an automotive events organiser. 

2018 was an exciting year for Automoment, with new events such as 2×4 Fiesta & ADayForHonda. We continued to bring exciting events to our venue partner – Carros Centre with various car themed meets. We also strengthened our relationship with our partners EMMA Singapore, Singapore’s largest In Car Entertainment competition; 9tro, Southeast Asia’s largest online automotive media and The Wicked Wallop, Singapore’s largest Motorcycle Festival. 

Moving ahead, 2019 will be very exciting as Automoment will launch a 3rd party online shopping platform for automotive parts and accessories. We shall call this Shop@Automoment. This online shopping platform will comprised of 80% parts & accessories, with the remaining 20% on lifestyle items. We hope to make our platform the No.1 platform to go to when you are looking to purchase parts & accessories for your ride. Please support us in whatever way you can. 

A dedicated section for Car Audio components online purchase will also be coming your way in collaboration with EMMA Singapore. 

We will also be releasing a section soon to list all (as many as we are allowed to) automotive related events ranging from roadshows to carmeets to motorsports. Listing of events will be our core focus, so our viewers can visit our site to find out all automotive related events. However, don’t expect us to provide media coverage or take photos for the events as that’s not our function. We have our media partners who are experts in that field. 

In terms of Automoment related events or Automoment Events, we have a record breaking of 7 trackdays involving Automoment this year. EMMA Singapore will continue to have at least 3 rounds. We will also begin extending our support and help to various car clubs to help them with their events. We should also be expecting 2×4 Fiesta as well as 2 themed car meets this year.

Lastly, we have began growing our database by getting viewers to subscribe to our newsletter by creating an account with us. Creation of this account or subscription is totally free. Subscribers will get to enjoy regular updates on upcoming events; new product listed as well as attractive deals and discounts. 

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