XADO products: Full range now available on Automoment A-Shop

A full range of XADO products are now available for purchase on Automoment A-Shop.

The XADO brand belongs to XADO Chemical Group, a Ukrainian company that manufactures revitalizants, oils, greases, aftermarket oil additive. Currently XADO is one of the largest manufacturers of innovative car care products and lubricants. The XADO products designed for restoration and repair of any types of vehicles and mechanisms without their disassembly can be bought in more than 80 countries of the world and on all continents.

Whats so Unique About XADO Products?

XADO is well known for its REVITALIZANT which increases the service life span of the engine. It improves engine capacity & acceleration capability as well as reduces fuel consumption. Today, XADO’s products such as the Engine Oil and Atomic Conditioners come with REVITALIZANT component in them. 

XADO Engine Oil, ATOMEX series, REVITALIZANTS and Atomic Metal Conditioners are now available on Automoment A-Shop. 

Check out the products below:

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