Try A Product Giveaway Campaign – AuraShield Exterior CarCare Bundle

TAP Giveaway – Aurashield

Automoment A-Shop will be launching its second Try A Product Campaign to encourage users to try out AuraShield products.

This campaign will start on 18th July via A-Shop’s Facebook Channel until 20th June. The product will be a bundle of AuraShield car Shampoo (1,000ml), Mystic Defender (500ml) and 2 Microfibre cloth (40 cm x 40cm). This bundle is worth $56 per set.

The Giveaways

A-Shop will giving out 2 sets of the above mentioned Bundle for free as part of an online competition.  The Winners of these two sets will also each win a voucher of 50% off next purchase of the exact same bundle.

Three sets of 50% discount coupon will also be given out for this Bundle.

Last but not least, everyone else who participates in the draw but did not win the above will be entitled to a 5% discount voucher for all AuraShield products.

How Does It Work?

To qualify for the competition, participants will have to perform the following tasks: To qualify for the competition, participants will have to perform the following tasks:   (????) ???????????????? ???? ???????????????????? Like and Share the post – in the privacy setting please remember to allow us to see the share. Alternatively, you may send us via DM a screenshot of your shared post.   (????) State Your Car Make and Model (e.g. BMW M4) in the comments of the post.   Winners of this campaign will be drawn by a 3rd party lucky draw web application – Winners will be notified via DM by 23 July 2020. The list of participants and winners will also be available for transparency purposes.

Terms & Conditions

(a) This is open to all personnel residing in Singapore Only. 

(b) There is no entry fee and no purchase is necessary to enter this competition.

(c) By entering this competition, the participant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

(d) Only one entry will be accepted per social media account.

(e) To redeem the prizes including the vouchers, winners will be required to create an Automoment Account. The creation of the account is free.