TNT Driftkhana Clinic: An Exciting Driftkhana Event for Rookie Enthusiasts

Singapore’s adrenaline-driven motorsport scene is set to witness the thrilling TNT Driftkhana Clinic, a high-octane event tailored for rookie and beginner participants. This action-packed affair is poised to unfold in the western region, transforming a basketball court into an enthralling gymkhana track. With a schedule spanning from 9am to 6pm, participants can immerse themselves in a full day of exhilarating maneuvers and skill-building exercises.
Aspiring drifters can seize the opportunity to master their craft with various fee options at their disposal. Choices include a comprehensive package at 150 SGD that covers water barrier labor setup, a fully flexible OTOT package at 200 SGD, and half-day options for 100 SGD. A deposit of 50 SGD is required, ensuring commitment and securing a slot for the event. Safety is paramount, with mandatory attire of helmets and covered shoes. Loose items onboard are strictly prohibited to ensure a safe environment.
Spectators are restricted from practice sessions, and a nominal fee of $30 applies for those insistent on watching. Participants are entrusted with maintaining the venue’s cleanliness, smoking only in designated areas, and refraining from alcohol consumption or fighting. Organizers hold the authority to enforce bans for non-compliance. Track cars and unique exhaust features are welcomed, fostering an environment of creativity and innovation.
For inquiries and registration, contact 94563992 or 82827644. Prepare to conquer the track and embrace the exhilaration of gymkhana mastery in a secure and vibrant atmosphere.