PIAA SI-TECH Wipers (Front Set) for Honda Freed

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Full set of front PIAA SI-TECH Front Wipers for Honda Freed – 14″ and 26″ 

PIAA SI-TECH Wiper 26 Inch 650mm Single

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PIAA SI-TECH 14 Inch 350mm Single

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Full set of front Piaa SI-TECH Wipers for Honda Freed
The PIAA Si-Tech (Silicone Technology) Flat Wiper Blade, a modern, frameless design that delivers all-season performance, thanks to PIAA’s patented silicone impregnated rubber blades. The key to the PIAA Si-Tech’s performance is its frameless design that creates more pressure points across the entire length of the blade for streak-free wiping. Moreover, the design eliminates snow and ice build-up. It is heat and ozone resistant, and its silicone rubber continually reapplies an active silicone coating on the windshield, assuring streak-free, quiet operation.
  • All Season Performance
  • Low Profile, Aerodynamic Design
  • Frameless Design Eliminates Snow And Ice Build-Up
  • More Pressure Points For Streak-Free Wiping
  • Long-Lasting Silicone-Coating Action
  • Applications For 98% Of All Vehicles

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