Wednesday, 15 December 2021 – A good start for the final showdown of Malaysia  Championship Series (MCS) 2021 Round 3 Race 1 as R Engineering HMRT sweeps 3 podiums  in each category; Touring Production (T), Stock Production 1 (SP1), and Stock Production 2  (SP2).  

Their drivers, Alif Hamdan and his partner, Lai Wee Sing spearheaded the T Production  category while Chiow Teck Song finished the race in second place for the SP1 category and  the combination of Putera Adam and Calvin Wong in third place.  

Alif Hamdan commented, “Syukur alhamdulillah thank you to R Engineering and HMRT. The  car was almost faultless halfway through the race suddenly, two sensors went on holiday so  we had to tow the car back and change it. We are lucky enough to finish the race.” 

“I had a good start in P9. I got up in second place then I got touched and dropped down to  last. I manage to crawl back to P2 but then after 30 seconds penalty, I finished in third place.  I am really satisfied with Race 1”, said Putera Adam.  

In SP1, Japanese driver from Rworks, Ken Urata driving Honda Civic FD2R won the category  leaving Chiow Teck Song, R Engineering HMRT in second place and Empire M Racing in third  place with their drivers, Shazull Hisham and Mohd Syahrizal Jamaluddin.  

Ken commented, “I keep my pace and took the opportunity to overtake others. I had a heart breaking moment going into the last corner of Turn 15 but I manage to end the race well.” 

In Malaysian Touring Car (MTC), Mark Darwin and Foo Yung Chieh from Tedco Racing  completed the 21 laps in the first place, Brendan Paul and Diivvyesh Perajun from the  privateer team in second place while Danny Chin and Admi Shahrul in third place.  

Moving to SP2, Lew Kar Wai and Ho William from Speed X Racing team touched down the  finishing line in the first place, Imran Wafi Adnan and Najiy Ayyad from DNT Tune in second  place while third place goes to Putera Adam and Calvin Wong from R Engineering HMRT.  

The drivers from Speed X Racing team commented “Actually, we have been struggling  throughout the whole season. This is a comeback from us. Thanks to the team and crew  members. We are looking forward to the next round”. 

Najiy Ayyad and Imran Wafi from DNT Tune commented, “First of all, thank you very much to  the team for giving us a good car. We started and ended the race very well. The car was well  balanced and had no damages. 

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