Malaysian Championship Series (MCS) 2021

Friday, 12 November 2021 – The season opener, Round 1 and 2 for the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) 2021 ends with Leona Chin, the driver from the Tedco Racing team winning the Malaysian Touring Car (MTC) category in Race 4. Muhammad Roni Risman and his partner Shaifulnizam from Dori’s Racing team in second place while the combination of Nurul Husna and Natasha Seatter from Niza Racing finished in third place.

Leona said, “Well, today was a tough race. We managed to make the car ready and push as hard as we can to get to the podium that we’re aiming for. For the next round, I will push harder.”

Moving to Stock Production 1 (SP1), Shazull Hisham and Mohd Syahrizan from the Empire M Racing team finished the race in the first place. Dominating the category in Round 1, Ken Urata from Rworks, unfortunately, came in second position and Chiow Teck Song from R Engineering HMRT team in third place.

Both drivers commented, “All of us at Empire M Racing team have been waiting for so long to get onto the podium. Despite being away for almost two years due to the pandemic, we believe we have done our best. We would like to thank our crew members as we wouldn’t be able to achieve this without them.”

As for Stock Production 2 (SP2), the perfect combination of Hayden Haikal and Adam Khalid drives the Honda Fit GK5 throughout the 22 laps of the race had earned them the class victory. Putera Adam from R Engineering HMRT finished in the second position while Eddie Lew Kar Wai and William Ho from the Tedco Racing team in third place.

“Credit to the team for preparing the car really well today and we can comment on each other, driving for a better improvement”, said Adam and Hayden.

Finally, Alif Hamdan and Lai Wee Sing from R Engineering HMRT remains the one and only entry in the Touring Production category.

Press Release and Images courtesy of Sepang International Circuit