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Welcome to masters of speed

Masters of Speed is an all new dedicated Time Attack series scheduled in 2020 at Sepang International Circuit.

Across 4 legs of competition, Master of Speed awards will be given to the winners of individual legs.

Overall Master of Speed awards will also be awarded to the respective class winners based on results from the entire series (based on accumulated points). 


Round 1 – 2nd May (Sat) 5pm to 9pm

Round 2 – 20 June (Sat) 5pm to 9pm

Round 3 – 16 Aug (Sun) 1pm to 5pm

Finals – 15 Nov (Sun) 9am to 5pm

*Timing subjected to changes


Per Entry – MYR1,050 | SGD$350 per entry (Per leg)

Season Entry – MYR3,600 | SGD$1,200 (For all 4 legs)

For Corporate Participation under Workshops & Brands, kindly contact us for a seperate quote. 

Please note that we have collaborated with trackday organisers for Rounds 1,2 and 3. For participants who wish to shake down or test their cars before the Time Attack, there is a special package for trackday entry + time attack entry. Kindly contact us for this package deal. 

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Street Class

NA FF 1600

NA FF 2000


TURBO 4WD 2000

TURBO 2WD 2000

TURBO 2WD 1500

Open Class

JDM (Asian Make) NA

JDM (Asian Make) TURBO



*These are the series long categories for all 4 legs of series. Additional classes may be opened for the Finals. The Rules & Regulations will be released shortly.

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Register now

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For enquiries on participation or sponsorship opportunities, please email us at royston@automoment.com.sg or fill in the form below. 

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