Masters of Speed: DUCATUS Lubricants signed as a Presenting Sponsor

Photo by Andrew T. (a.t_1000)

Ducatus Lubricants has signed an agreement with Automoment as a Presenting Sponsor for Masters of Speed 2020. 

Founded in Singapore by Unicla International Pte. Ltd., Ducatus has a comprehensive range of products that include high quality engine oils and enhanced additives.  Introduced into the market since July 2012, Ducatus has since built its presence in ASIA, with products available in Singapore, China, Malaysia and Cambodia. They are now actively looking for distributors in Malaysia. 

“We are proud to be a sponsor to support and grow the motorsports scene via the Masters of Speed platform. We strongly believe Motorsports is an area where passion is the driving force for continuity and growth. This is in line with the origins of Ducatus: For Automotive By Automotive lovers,” said Mr Eddie Chua, Director of Unicla International Pte Ltd.

The Presenting Sponsor is one of the highest tiers of sponsorship under Masters of Speed. 

Ducatus have also announced that they will be sending in up to three cars for participation in the full Masters of Speed season. 

For more information on their products and distribution, visit