Infinity Q60 Audio Experience

With a good shape equipped with comfortable interior and to further perfect this ride has to be its sound system.

Many would be thinking how and what can be done without interfering the original functions, so here we will share what’s done.

Starting from the cabin you can see the source unit remains original and untouched so that all the functions like 360 camera and display remains intact and available. You will also realise the custom made A pillar with black stitches holding the tweeter and midrange of Micro
Precision 5 series and in the original door panel it holds the 5 series midbass.

In this process a 2 layer sound damping material was re-enforced in the door panels to reduce vibration and road noise which will in
return bring more comfort to the journey.when you open the trunk neatly display of the system are all tucked away, with the made in Italy
Mosconi D2 80.6DSP which is the brain of the whole setup as its build in sound tuning capabilities made the sound journey possible.
Adding on is the D2 150.2 amplifier powering the Gladen RSX10slim subwoofer in a custom side enclosure.

– Written by Terrence.