With the Helix DSP ULTRA, Audiotec Fischer has been awarded the BEST PRODUCT 2020-2021 Award in the In-Car Sound Processor Category under EISA Awards (Expert Imaging and Sound Association).

Award Winning Helix DSP UlTRA

With the DSP ULTRA, Audiotec Fischer presents an extremely powerful and future-oriented DSP platform that offers new and innovative functions such as “Virtual Channel Processing” or “Automatic Time Measurement”. In addition to the permanently expanding range of software functions, Audiotec Fischer also focuses on the continuous improvement of sound quality.

The DSP ULTRA also excels in terms of sound quality with numerous detail improvements and therefore lives up to its name in all respects.

The DSP Ultra currently retails at SGD$2,350 in Singapore. Roma Motor Pte. Ltd. Is the officially distributor of Helix in Singapore.

Key Features of the HELIX DSP ULTRA

  • TwinDSP Power – two extremely powerful “fixed point” Audio DSPs with 64 Bit resolution and 2.4 billion MAC operations per second
  • State-of-the art 32 Bit AD and DA signal converters from AKM
  • Virtual Channel Processing (VCP) allows even more flexible configuration for highly complex sound systems
  • ACO – Advanced 32 Bit CoProcessor platform for numerous new system an DSP features like:
    • ISA (Input Signal Analyzer) and InputEQ for easy analysis and compensation of input signals
    • SFX (DSP Sound Effects) – Augmented Bass Processing, StageXpander, RealCenter & Co.
    • 10 internal memory locations for sound setups
  • HELIX Extension Card slot (HEC) for additional input / output modules like Bluetooth® Audio Streaming, High Resolution Audio Streaming via USB etc.
  • Smart 8-channel Highlevel input with ADEP.3 circuit 

About EISA Awards

The Expert Imaging and Sound Association is a collaboration between 61 of the most respected international specialist CE magazines. These periodicals and websites deliver regular and independent technical reviews on new products, and embrace the full sphere of consumer electronics. Member magazines now extend beyond Europe to over 30 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and India, and contribute their experience to one or more of EISA’s six Expert Groups: Photography, Mobile Devices, Hi-Fi, Home Theatre Audio, Home Theatre Display & Video and In-Car Electronics.

Every year, the EISA Awards celebrate those new products that combine the most advanced technology and desirable features with class-leading performance. The EISA Awards extend from the most affordable, high-value products to the most aspirational expressions of modern consumer electronics. Award categories change from year to year, reflecting the evolution of product design and connectivity, but every EISA Award winner remains the very best in its class. The sheer strength in depth of EISA’s members ensures the EISA Awards logo carries tremendous
weight with all informed consumers.

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