Diecast Toyz SG hops onboard The Automoment Network

Automoment welcomes Diecast Toyz SG(DTSG) as the newest party onboard The Automoment Network. 

DTSG was created on Facebook back in 2017, borne out of frustration that the latest limited edition releases by Hot Wheels never made their way to Singapore. Avid collectors often had to go through the hassle of staking out on online platforms such as eBay, where hefty shipping charges and exorbitant currency conversion fees are par for the course.  Besides Hot Wheels, DTSG also carries diecast models from Matchbox, Greenlight, Tomica, Johnny Lightning, Mini GT, One Model and more.

Beyond just online sales, DTSG made their way into events such as Singapore Motorshow in 2018, as well as participating in the Singapore Diecast Expo since 2018. 

DTSG would not have existed without the strong support from a close group of fellow enthusiastic diecast car collectors from Singapore.

Automoment will be working with DTSG on both events & product sales. Who knows, you may see an Automoment exclusive diecast model coming your way!

For more information on their products, visit https://www.facebook.com/DiecastToyzSG/.


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