December 20, 2017
December 20, 2017

To represent your country in a sporting event would be a proud moment for anyone and it certainly was for both I and my team partner Chase Lim. Although it will be doubly challenging as we were competing in a left-hand drive car against the top drivers in Asia, 32 drivers from 13 countries, we took it as an opportunity to watch and learn from the professional drivers and more importantly, make new friends with the passion in this sport.

We were selected based on the accumulated timing over two rounds of the MSS Motor Sport Singapore Auto Gymkhana events. One car was used, an automatic Toyota Vios to be driven by each driver that achieved the top two spots in each Class of the event. This means that drivers are selected based on their individual driving skills.

This round of AAGC 2017 of Taiwan was held over the weekend with the first day, the Solo Qualifying & Knockout Challenge and the final day, the Team Challenge and a new event, the Double Challenge aka Touge/Drifting Challenge. The Double Challenge required both drivers in two cars to be as close as possible while completing the same pattern. The chances of crashing into each other were high, especially after each handbrake turn. After the qualifying runs to obtain the driver’s position for the pairing of each challenge, both the Solo Knockout and Double Challenge were run in the night and fortunately, there was some lighting of the venue.

Team Singapore came within a whisker of 4th place in the Double Challenge but both the Indonesian drivers who were full time racing drivers of the TRD racing team were just too fast to beat. But 5th place out of 13 countries is something for us to be proud with.

The top drivers from Japan, Tetsuya Yamano and Masaki Nishihara, both fresh from their podium wins in the All-Japan Gymkhana 2017 Championship were a delight to watch and learn during the event. We took away from this event, new gymkhana driving knowledge, kindred friendships and the warmth & beauty of the Taiwanese host country.

Article By: Sylvester Lim